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CompuScan UBiQuati EDMS Products

CompuScan Provides UBiQuati "UB" EDMS
(Electronic Document Management Solution)
Based in Dallas Ft. Worth Tx

UBiQuati is comprised of our base product UBiQuati and UB MScan and is a complete EDMS solution.
UB with its options provide active and archival document solutions for any small and large enterprise entities.
UBiQuati is our flagship digital document archive solution, called “UB” for short. Supports MS OFFICE Google Office, Tif, PDF and many other document formats. Installation, Training and support provides user with "any type scan/capture filing" and retrieval. Our solution are made available as a workstation, LAN and Cloud solutions. Our pricing is offered as a purchase or subscription especially if a CompuScan SaaS model is desired.
“Any type retrieval” includes Record Search, Database Grid Search, Bookmark Search and at options for Full Text retrieval, OCR, Zonal OCR all capable within UB. Barcode is another option with UB. Record and Database Grid Search includes many search options as contains, greater than, less than, exact and many others.
The difference between, record and database search is some customers prefer to incrementally start typing down a column and filtering to the desired hit.  Customers’ desire when using Record search fields is to provide hits that are between dates and alpha and numeric listings. Both are available. Of course bookmark search is a table compiled to locate user’s favorite documents. Bookmarks are important to control audits by auditing agencies.
Our UBEspy option provides the best search/engine on the planet providing internal search and external connections executing searches from your Core apps as accounting, HR or any core application as a matter of fact.

Result, using Boolean full text search process for phrases, names and numbers etc. a check number or employee number can be used to search UBiQuati archive through a connection desktop connection between UB and Core which is our “UBEspy process”. From your Accounting or HR table, data is placed into our desktop UBEspy search window fetching a document directly. Result is viewing desired document simultaneous while maintaining your connection to your accounting and HR position.
UB-MScan is our scan capture program that attaches to over 400 popular scanners on the market. UB-MScan is capable scanning directly into our Tree Structure. Our archive includes a record style processing where documents are indexed directly as a single document record solution or directly using delimiters (document names with separated values). In addition MScan includes options with use of barcodes, OCR and white page separation geared to work with our communication workflows and schedulers.
UB is the catchers met readied for all above indexing technics and provides management as swap files between folders, move documents, rearrange documents, rename, and delete images, folders/subfolders and much more. UB and MScan complete a full complement EDMS solution for active and archive documents. UBiQuati is the Name we use for LAN and workstations and our Website is called UBWeb.
For active records we are teamed with the “best Forms Product” on the market. Creating the most complex forms to facilitate any BPO project. "Forms design, workflow setup for approvals, data connectivity to core applications and then archive to UBiQuati is the process". The forms program is offered at subscription and customer can be trained to use or we provide professional services for more complex configurations. These are Web based products.

CompuScan Document Scanning Services

CompuScan Document Scan/Capture Services: Great prices!!

• Our Services include, creating a checkout list, pickup and delivery, consulting to create a plan to scan and retrieve documents. What’s better to use CompuScan Cloud service and /or purchase UB software? Or use your own software and we will provide export import capabilities.

• Service includes scanning and indexing most any size documents as a service.
o Letter, Legal mixed, Drawings

*If you have X-rays or microfilm we perform that service as well.

CompuScan Professional Services:

Include, Assessing, creating, plans to write inter connection code linking GIS (geographical information solutions), Document Management connection into all kinds of Website applications. Patient forms and HR forms are some of the applications. With our UB Workflow product documents move through an acceptance and rejection phase to a final UB archive destination, the same with developed forms.

CompuScan provides professional services to integrate applications requested by customers. This includes Website to connect UBWebsite documents with customers desire to provide documents of forms to its customers. Forms packages we use for integration are selected because they are simply the best products with ongoing professional support providing strong longevity and customer satisfaction.

Some solutions we have integrated such as GIS solutions (Geographical Integrations). Compuscan with its professional services connected UB archive program with internet mapping. UB has been integrated with ESRI browsers and Google Maps and some cases we wrote customer browser by linking documents from our database directly to spawn documents from a search into geography. We have linked documents and maps or any electronic document to geography and vice versa.

CompuScan has experience with Customer existing Websites where documents are integrated directly with website tables desired to be searched from customers host site. “Usually Government Websites to furnish Forms and archived documents for the public consumption”. Hospitals are another big user where there many forms needing access by Hospital patients are integrated and moved through UBWorkflow for approval or rejection.

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