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Convert Paper to Digital Records  Video Services Video moving documents to UBiQuati

Paper Scanning Services at best possible prices! 

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Scanning services sets the stage for improving your document workflow while cutting file maintenance labor costs!!!

High-quality scanning services is the first step your business can take to offset your document storage requirements. Our reliable scanning services and indexing capabilities will greatly increase the flexibility of how you use all your critical business documents, including paper files, microforms, and engineering drawings. You can scan these documents into industry-standard digital formats, and then integrate them into your overall electronic document management software.Your information will be accessible and secure.

CompuScan features one stop High Quality services for inhouse and Cloud software access!!

CompuScan is the leading document scanning company featuring its UB and UBWeb document scanning and retrieval software to view and print your documents. CompuScan industry experience is vast from manufacturing, K-12 and higher education, government, healthcare, and Back Office operations for example. Controlling your information gives your company an unassailable competitive edge. The fundamental building block is high-quality scanning services and highly accurate indexing. We provide all industry standard capture technology including software that auto reads text, barcodes as OCR/ICR, Barcode, Jobcard, Zonal OCR using the best in image processing.

CompuScan enhances your documents and files with a full range of scanning services. We scan small or large document document repositories—from single document to many millions any size small as a business card to a large engineering drawing. We are able to meet your specific document requirements, from black and white or color, single or double-sided.

Optionally outside paper we convert your legacy microfilm media, or scan your microfiche, aperture cards, paper-based documents, engineering documents, or maps. Some specialized documents require digital document be backed up to microfilm as permanent storage. We do it all!

Our quality scanning services are fast, accurate, and backed by our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. We can complete your work at your location, or at one of our three full-service production facilities.


 Paper Document Digitally Hosted Services

Our UBWeb Cloud solution is a subscription based Document Retrieval Solution that runs through a highly secured website. This is the best possible way to take advantage of accessing your documents and with out the need to front end with a expensive inhouse document (DMS) solution with costly IT personnel.  CALL we provide free demonstations.

To distribute documents other than the Cloud we also will deliver finished product via DVD or hard drives with our viewers.

Free Demonstration we are willing to consult to find the best method to organize your records in the most efficient manner utilizing our UBiQuati products

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