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Digitizing Microfilm:

CompuScan provides the services of converting microfilm images to standard most popular .TIF, . PDF or .JPG (most binary image files) as a service. Our Services provided are preparation, cataloging, digitizing and indexing the images.

We provide digitizing of:

Aperture Cards

Roll Microfilm

Micro-Jackets and Microfiche

We convert digital images back to microfilm in the event your state prefers microfilm as historic backup. All Microfilm is methylene blue tested for preservation purposes with a background density of .9 to 1.2

Testing chemical levels:

The processed silver halide microfilm must be tested to make sure that the chemicals used in developing and fixing the images have been removed from the film by proper washing. If these chemicals remain on the film, they will cause the images to fade and discolor in the long term

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