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Our Mission

Is to save customers thousands of dollars or more by replacing paper management with digital document management. <b>Call for a demo and pricing 817-430-3333 or email</b> <b>Paper vs. Digital</b> <b>1. </b>The storage of paper is expensive<b> 2. </b>Filing and Refiling Paper documents is labor intensive many dollars spent here. <b>3. </b>Loosing or misfiling of documents can cost you your company many labor dollars. 1. <b>Digitally </b>you save 95% of your space (office rent etc.), 2. big dollar savings reducing the cost of Equipment to store documents or offsite warehouse storage costs going digital <b>4.</b> No more lost and misplaced documents, company is safe and secure from $ cost verdicts. If you allow CompuScan to do a walk through we can show both large and small companies efficiencies and big, big dollar savings. HOW Does Doing Business with CompuScan solve paper & electronic document problems! <b>Number #1 CompuScan</b> provides the finest in (EDMS) <b>Electronic Document Management Software:</b> UBiQuati is our flagship product, into its 20 year. (Well-established product line and Services). <b>CompuScan provides Digital Document software Solutions:</b> Create your own Document Archive Applications. a. Manage your Applications by Scan, Index, View, Print, Workflows, Schedule, Policy based Retention, Secured environment with Migration and Compliance compatibilities. b. Some customers prefer in-house solutions OUR UB or UBiQuati Product Line. c. Some customers prefer in-house website, our<b> UBWeb</b> d. Others prefer public facing and Cloud solutions <b></b> <b>Number #2 CompuScan provides document and retrieval scanning services:</b> CompuScan will pickup, digitize, return or destroy your documents after we have scanned them as a service. a. Your returned product will be digital to be uploaded to your current Document solution or to our UB product line or b. CompuScan offers its UB product line and UBWebsite solutions as subscription services enabling your company to utilize product to Scan, Index, View, Print, Workflows, Schedule documents WE offer Policy based Retention, Secured environment with Migration and Compliance compatibilities cloud services of your choice. <b>Number #3 WE Guarantee our Software and Services: </b> Industries serviced: Accounting, Payroll, HR, Medical, Government of all types and sizes, Specialty Engineering, Manufacturing all departments, Oil and GAS Industry, Real Estate, Title, Mortgage, Insurance, Legal, you name it with our 5 methods of filing we cover any companies document archive retrieval need.

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